Insulated panel solutions made from BlueScope steel.

Fast installation, and fully customised to suit the shape of your space.

Flat, concave or convex roof or wall panels – the opportunities are endless.

DIY installation option available, or ask us about our installation services.

insulated panels



Superior insulated panel solutions

Don’t settle for anything but the very best with these fully customised insulated panel solutions.

  • Three different thicknesses
  • Large spanning capabilities
  • No need for rafters and battens, making installation faster and cheaper
  • Easily cut to suit your floor plan – curves are welcome here!
  • Flat, concave or convex roof or wall panels available
  • Made from BlueScope steel – the best steel on the market.

Protect your possessions, and your family

Not only are our insulated panels pleasing on the eye, they’re versatile as well.

Use for carports, patios, decks and outdoor seating areas.

Commercial uses for anywhere you need shade, and an insulated space to sit, play or entertain.

Packed full of features

  • Made from BlueScope steel.
  • Straight, curved or multi-curved configurations
  • Full Colorbond® colour range
  • Up to 762mm wide coverage, and 25% lighter than most other panels
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Super strong bonding, yet flexes for changing environmental conditions
  • No need for rafters or battens
  • Can achieve thermal ratings in excess of R5
  • Manufactured in Australia, and compliant with all relevant regulations

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Can these insulated panels be customised?

They sure can! These panels can be cut to any shape, including curves, to suit your architecturally designed space?

What level of insulation do these panels have?

There are three insulation levels available. Ask us about the type most appropriate to your needs.

Where can I use these panels?

Our insulated panels are so versatile they can be used for all sorts of applications. Common usages are for patios, decks, outdoor seating areas and carports. Talk to us about commercial applications, or other areas where these panels may be the best solution.

How long is the install?

It depends on your project, but because these panels don’t require battens or rafters, they are faster to install than more traditional solutions.

What are these panels made from?

The panels are made from high-quality BlueScope steel, a core layer of high density polystyrene foam, and painted with Colourbond® paint.

Can these panels cover wide spans?

Absolutely! That’s one of the benefits of a material that is both strong and light. Talk to us about your project needs and we can advise further.

Can I install these myself?

You sure can! These panels are easy enough for DIY installation, but if you’d like some help, chat to us about our installation services.


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